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Conduct Online Recruitment Test In Any Campus

Conduct online assessment test using RDISL test centre using RDISL question bank or loading self designed question bank at a nominal cost per student prior to visiting campuses.

Every year thousand of organizations in India, big or small, visit small or large number of institution to carry out the annual event which is known as “campus recruitment”. Majority of the organization visit institutions to organize the initial part of the “campus recruitment” process which consists of conducting the test either online or offline. The logistics problem associated with this whole exercise restricts organizations to visit only a few institutions thereby restricting themselves to a limited pool of students. Organizations often describe these institutions as their “empanelled” institutions or institutions which meet their qualifying criteria.

Fact of the matter is that if there is one bright student available in one of the “non empanelled” institutions, the organization is denying themselves the opportunity to recruit that student by denying the opportunity to his/her institution to participate in the process.

R D Institute of Systematic Learning is offering is “online testing facility” to all organizations to conduct their “campus recruitment” test online. This will enable organizations to evaluate students of much larger number of institutions without “actually visiting any of them”.

RDISL is offering the following options to organizations to carry out this testing:

  • Organizations can utilize the RDISL question bank to conduct the test.
  • Organizations can upload their own questions on the RDISL site to conduct the test.

For option 1 organization will have the following choices:

  • Visit RDISL question bank and select individual questions that will form part of the questions for the test. 20% of our questions will be in level “easy”. 40% of the questions will be in level “mediam”. Balance 40% of the questions will be in level “tough”. The mixture of the levels can also be decided by organizations conducting the test.
  • Choose one of the following 3 options for the test :
    • Have the same set of questions given to all students on a particular date in the same sequence
    • Have the same set of questions given to all students on a particular date in different sequence
    • Have completely different set of questions given to all students on a particular date numbers of available questions permitting
  • Questions will be displayed as only one question on screen at a time basis with a grid showing all the questions with the student having the option to go directly to a particular number of question. The grid will also display in a different color code all questions already attempted. The student will have the option to change the answer of a particular question if he/she wishes to do so.
    In case the organizations want to upload their own questions on the RDISL testing site the same can also be done by them. Depending on the number of questions uploaded by them they can choose one of the following options:
    • Have the same set of questions given to all students on a particular date in the same sequence
    • Have the same set of questions given to all students on a particular date in different sequence
    • Have completely different set of questions given to all students on a particular date numbers of questions permitting
  • Timer will be set as per the directions of the institutions.
  • Results in the tabulated form to be sent to the organization by the end of the day of conducting the test or to be retained by RDISL and sent as consolidated report on completion of the assessment.
  • All details of accessed students including “cv” of students to be available on the RDISL databank for access by organizations conducting the test using RDISL test centre.
  • Organizations will have the option of conducting more than one test, one following the other, in case they wish to do so. Organizations who wish to conduct a general aptitude/English test followed by a technical evaluation test can d0 so. To avail this option organizations have to upload their own questions, specifically for technical evaluation of students.

R.D. Institute of Systematic Learning will levy a nominal “charge” on “per student” basis from the organizations for conducting the test through their test centre.

As such RDISL gives its 100% commitment to the organizations to maintain the sanctity of the tests conducted through the RDISL test site as it will give us no tangible or intangible benefit to increase the number of students meeting qualifying criteria as we will not be charging anything more from the organizations for the actual number of students selected post testing.

With this facility organizations can visit many more institutions than they are currently visiting for accessing students “without actually visiting any of them”.

Organizations can also cut their cost by this process by having a smaller team dedicated for this activity, lesser cost on logistics as only a few institutions needs to be visited for conducting the interviews and allow themselves the luxury of assessing a much larger talent pool of students than they are doing currently.

Organizations who wish to allow “all institutions in India” to participate in their drive can do so by paying a fixed cost to RDISL for conducting the test irrespective of the number of students taking part.

To avail this service please log in as an employer, fill up some basic details, lodge in a request for conducting online assessment of students using RDISL test centre and we will get in touch with you to carry the matter forward

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